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Ken Brackett and Lighthouse Financial Present: How to Position Your Investments for the Upcoming Fiscal Cliff

Ken Brackett

Ken Brackett

Ken Brackett with Lighthouse Financial will be presenting at the George Washington Inn in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania on October 23rd and the 24th. He, along with a tax planning attorney, will talk about social security and when is the opportune time to start benefits.

Ken Brackett is counted as one of the leading experts in this topic and can help to navigate the uncharted waters for many now coming up on the eligibility period for social security. What many don’t know is that there are literally hundreds of different choices to make when it comes to their social security benefits.

Come hear Ken Brackett make sense of "file and suspend", "widow benefits", "spousal benefits" and many other strategies. With the two major market crashes in the last 12 years, many are now finding themselves working well after age 62. Come and learn about the income caps and penalties on SS benefits between ages 62 and age 66. For those who want to work and claim benefits before age 66, there are some creative ways around the income caps and penalties.

Now, more than ever, people need a free review of their current retirement and estate plan. Recent economic events have created a “Perfect Storm” that impacts millions of American retiree’s dreams. We will show you why 2013 presents new opportunities for those who have an actively managed plan.

Topics of Discussion

  • Why annuities are NOT always the best retirement vehicles for you
  • How 2013 estate and tax law changes will impact your retirement income & legacy
  • When to realize long-term capital gains/losses
  • How to make your dividend stocks more profitable. Are you just “buying & holding”?
  • Are your “advisors” really working for you? How to recognize broker abuses & mistakes
  • Why a Will “will NOT” protect you from probate
  • How the Pension Protection Act helps your 401k
  • How to avoid common pitfalls associated with not having a financial & estate plan
  • Why advisors, planners & brokers really tell you to “stay in, it’ll come back”
  • How to protect yourself from the coming tide of higher taxes and inflation
  • How to position your assets for the least amount of wealth transfer tax
  • How to avoid commissions, load fees and brokerage fees

Reservations are required. Seating is limited and fills quickly. To reserve seats, please call 800-530-9405.

Presented by Lighthouse Financial http://www.mylighthousefinancial.com

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Online Reputation Management Services Expansion Announced by Rick Porter

Online reputation management has become a hot industry in the SEO world and Rick Porter has announced a new proactive online reputation management service that will help companies get a jumpstart. As people become more savy on the web and use search engines to research companies and services it has become more important than ever to keep a clean reputation online. "One of the problems with reviews online is that many of them are not even real. A competitor can post false reviews and even make up fake scam reports on websites online intentionally hurting their competitors", stated Porter.

Unfortunately most companies that are using online reputation management services are doing so as a reactionary measure because they have already been hit by false allegations and now they are trying to clean up the mess. "Unfortunately 100% of my current reputation management clients are in reaction mode, what I hope to offer is a comprehensive proactive online reputation management service that companies can use to get the ball rolling to create a positive buffer for anything negative that might one day show up online in the search engines," said Porter.

A common strategy that is used among many of the reputation management service providers is using SEO best practices along with popular social networks like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Linkedin, and Pinterest to establish high quality profiles that have a much higher chance of ranking on page 1 in search engines like Google.

Many companies still haven’t setup their social profiles and don’t even realize there are hundreds more websites online that they can put their profiles on. Rick Porter’s new service will specialize in doing all the signup work and optimization in order to give a business a solid proactive start with their online reputation. Some of this work must be done manually and some of the work can be done using automated link building software.

For companies or people looking for a "Do IT Yourself" approach Porter suggests that they take a look at the powerful software automation tool SeNuke XCr which they can try for free for 14 days here http://SenukeXCrFree.com and continue using it monthly to maintain the newly built websites that Senuke XCr will create for them.

The new service being launched by Rick Porter won’t be available until November and doesn’t have a definite launch date as of yet. Porter also plans on releasing a free "Do it Yourself Online Reputation Management" guide to help the small business owner get started on their own.

About Rick Porter:
Rick Porter is an SEO consultant and internet marketer offering services in online reputation management.

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Brand New Bodyweight Routine “Bodyweight Torch” Launched by Mike Whitfield

bodyweight workout routine

Bodyweight Torch

Quote startI know what’s it’s like to go into a overly crowded gym and not be able to get to the equipment.
Quote end

With crowded gyms and people having tight schedules, bodyweight workout routines have grown in popularity. That’s why Mike Whitfield, a bodyweight and bootcamp expert in Atlanta, GA, created a new 4-week bodyweight routine called “Bodyweight Torch” that has a variety of metabolic resistance training, metabolic conditioning and metabolic finishers.

“I know what’s it’s like to go into a overly crowded gym and not be able to get to the equipment. And unfortunately, many of these machines don’t do a whole lot when it comes to weight loss. That’s why I created this 4-week bodyweight exercises routine that literally requires zero equipment for anyone who wants to lose weight but wants to avoid the crowds at the gym. The great news is that these effective bodyweight workout routines can be done in the comfort of your own home. Now anyone who wants to lose weight with the best bodyweight exercises can do so wherever they want to”, said Whitfield. He went on to say, “I put a variety of new and advanced bodyweight core exercises and more to help people lose their holiday flub without crunches or sit-ups. This full bodyweight program will also be a great resource when anyone travels. These bodyweight conditioning workouts can even be done in a hotel room. I’m really excited about sharing this new bodyweight program with everyone”.

Download the free 4-week program at: http://www.bodyweighttorch.com

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.prweb.com/releases/bodyweightworkoutroutine/bodyweightworkoutpdf/prweb10276021.htm

Waiter’s Bow Exercise Video Revealed by BodyweightTorch.com

Waiters Bow

Waiters Bow

Mike Whitfield, the author of the brand new program called “Bodyweight Torch” released a video explaining a unique bodyweight exercise called “The Waiter’s Bow”. According to Whitfield, this unique warm-up bodyweight exercise helps anyone wake up their hamstrings and glutes without straining or starting an overuse injury. Whitfield just released his brand new 4-week program that has a variety of bodyweight exercises that require no equipment and involves metabolic resistance training, metabolic conditioning and metabolic finishers. The bodyweight conditioning is intense and it was recommended by Whitfield to thoroughly warm up before starting such an intense bodyweight circuit.

“The Waiter’s Bow is a great way to warm up the hamstrings, especially if anyone is sitting all day behind a desk. Unfortunately, the hamstrings can get really tight and if they are not warmed up properly through a variety of easier bodyweight exercises like the Waiter’s Bow, an injury can happen. I have used this unique bodyweight exercise myself as well as with my campers and clients to prepare their legs for the intense bodyweight conditioning circuits. Explaining this unique lower body bodyweight exercise with photos and descriptions is great, however I knew it would benefit our subscribers by doing a demonstration video of exactly how to perform this effective lower body warm-up exercise. Exercises like the Waiter’s Bow should be included in anyone’s bodyweight training program because it’s so simple, yet so effective at loosening the hamstrings and preparing the lower body for a great bodyweight interval session. That’s why I decided to release a how-to video of this great bodyweight exercise” said Whitfield.

You can get dozens more of unique lower body bodyweight exercises and the 4-week bodyweight workout program at http://www.bodyweighttorch.com. It conveniently comes in pdf format, so you you can download this bodyweight workout pdf at this website.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.prweb.com/releases/bodyweight-training/waiters-bow-exercise/prweb10386341.htm

“Star Jump” Bodyweight Exercise Video Released by Bodyweight Torch

Star Jumps

Star Jumps

Fitness experts are encouraging more and more people to use bodyweight exercises at home for times when they can’t make it to gym sessions or bootcamps. Bodyweight workout programs have grown in popularity in the last few years due to the convenience of working out at home and they are popular for people who travel often. According to Mike Whitfield, the creator of a fun and challenging workout program called “Bodyweight Torch, bodyweight workout programs don’t have to be boring, either. In fact, Whitfield released a unique bodyweight conditioning exercise for his subscribers called the “Star Jump” exercise that is challenging and effective.

“The Star Jump is a fun and challenging advanced bodyweight conditioning exercise that utilizes your own body and doesn’t require any equipment. It’s a great way to get quality exercise for anyone that can’t make it to a gym or might be on the road. Bodyweight exercise routines are perfect for those that travel often and using the unique exercise like the Star Jump is just one of the many tools that people have to improve their conditioning and of course, even lose weight. Since it is a very challenging and advanced bodyweight conditioning exercise, I released a video demonstration for my subscribers so that they perform one of the best bodyweight exercises available with good technique. It certainly will increase your heart rate, but at the same time, it means anyone can get an amazing sweat going without stepping foot on a treadmill. This is perfect for a hotel room workout and of course, a great way to work out at home. There are other fun bodyweight exercises inside the Bodyweight Torch program as well proving that bodyweight exercise workouts don’t have to be boring”, said Whitfield.

You can download the 4-week bodyweight metabolic workouts with unique bodyweight exercises like the Star Jump at http://www.bodyweighttorch.com.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.prweb.com/releases/bodyweight-cardio/star-jumps/prweb10410223.htm

Toronto Mold Removal Company Adds 11 New Testimonials at Mouldx.ca

Since 2002, Charles G at Mouldx has been helping countless owners of residential and corporate buildings to take care of their mold problems. With the high quality of workmanship in Charles’s mold removal service, he has accumulated many testimonials from his previous happy clients.

Recently, Charles has released eleven of these testimonials on his website at http://Mouldx.ca.

These testimonials range from stay at home moms to business owners and elderly seniors. No matter what the age group is, the consensus is still the same. They unanimously speak of the professional service that Charles offered in removing their mold problems.

One of these testimonials further highlights the integrity of Charles’s character in this business. As John from Scarborough, Ontario testified, many mold removal companies gave him "fear mongering tactics" in an attempt to get them hired. Nevertheless, John did not experience this same tactic with Charles. In fact, he found Charles to be a "genuinely nice guy" who can get the job done. In addition, Charles’s pricing "beat everyone else’s quote".

This is only a snippet of one testimonial that Charles recently released on his website. Anyone who read the rest of the other testimonials will find that Mouldx is a mold removal contractor and company that can be well trusted.

Many people would think that their mold situation is unique. And Charles explains in his video that because he has had so much experience in this field, there is "nothing that he has not seen before": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9sDj6uj7eGs

This is good news for people who just found themselves in the midst of this dilemma of finding mold in a building. With the help of Charles at Mouldx, their problem could be take care of immediately. In fact, the slogan at Mouldx’s website is "we’ll take care of your mold within 48 hours". It is certainly a claim that is very enticing yet trustworthy due to its great reputation with numerous testimonials.

For more information about the video that Charles made explaining his mold removal service as mentioned above, it can be found by searching on Google the title "Mold Removal Toronto – Call 647-556-0512 – Your #1 Trusted Mould Removal Company In Toronto".

To read the rest of the testimonials that were recently released, they can be found by going to Mouldx’s official website here: http://Mouldx.ca

Remember that mold can have short term and long term health effects. To ensure safety and good health, removing mold should be something that is taken care of immediately and put on a priority list. After all, it is better to be safe than sorry.


Stability Ball Pushup Video Revealed by Bodyweight Torch

pushup with feet on stability ball

Pushup with Feet on Stability Ball

Spring becomes very busy for most people and they are looking for ways to lose weight without having to go to the gym for an hour or more. Fortunately, bodyweight workouts are perfect for anyone looking for a way to lose weight at home. According to Mike Whitfield, the author behind “Bodyweight Torch”, a revolutionary new bodyweight workout system, bodyweight circuits and bodyweight workouts don’t have to be boring, either.

“The stability ball is a very inexpensive piece of equipment that allows anyone to do more bodyweight exercises and challenge their core”, said Whitfield. He went on to say, “One of the best exercises you can do is the stability ball pushup. This is when the feet are at an elevated position and a pushup is performed. This will challenge anyone’s core a lot more as well as increase the challenge of the pushup, making this a very advanced upper body bodyweight exercise. If someone doesn’t have access to a stability ball, they can also use a bench or even some stairs. This upper body exercise now turns into a bodyweight ab exercise, which makes this a fun, but very effective bodyweight exercise. For our readers at bodyweighttorch.com, I wanted to reveal a video explaining how to perform this upper body bodyweight exercise so that anyone who wants to incorporate the stability ball pushup into their bodyweight routine will know exactly how to do this exercise right to maximize benefits and prevent injury. Our subscribers really enjoy the videos on how to perform bodyweight exercises correctly, so we were happy to reveal the stability ball pushup video demonstration."

Get dozens of bodyweight exercises with the full 4-week routine at http://www.bodyweighttorch.com.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.prweb.com/releases/bodyweight-exercises/stabilityball-pushups/prweb10582111.htm